Jun 092011

Giardiasis treatment This is a very effective  recipe of Giardiasis treatment with birch.
Birch (Betula) has traditionally been used in medicine. Drug from birch leaves and buds have been used for treatment of avitaminosis, inflammation of the bladder, atherosclerosis, chronic kidney disease, as well as a choleretic and expectorant. Also birch has long been used as a remedy for intestinal parasites.

Here are two recipes:

First recipe:  Pour ¼ oz  of  birch buds with one glass of water. Boil for 15 minutes, infuse for 1 hour. Drink ½ of glass  four times a day for 10 days. Then  make a brake for 10 days and repeat the treatment. In all make three courses

Second recipe:  In a cup of  boiling water place 1 ounce of  birch leaves (fresh or dry). Leave it to  draw for 5 hours. Drink it 1 / 2 tbsp. two times a day.  Do in this way three courses of 10 days with a 10-day break.

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