Jul 282011

onion for giardiaOnion has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, helps to treat viruses.
Onion improves appetite, digestion, increases resistance to infectious diseases. Scientist in the USA have found that an often eaten of onions and garlic prevent stomach cancer. In medicine, onions are used to lower blood lipids and blood pressure, and as anthelminthic. Onion just like garlic kills parasites so it kills Giardia. You can prepare next simple home remedy for Giardiasis treatment:

Grind 1 pint of onion, mix with 1 pint of honey and bring to the boil and remove from heat right away. Cool and take 1 tbsp for adults and 1 tsp for children in 30 minutes before meal. As the mash is over make a break for 10 days and then repeat the treatment course. Parasites will disappear forever.

Also you can apply an easier home remedy for Giardia treatment. Just make an onion tincture.
Take a quarter of the medium onion and place it into a cup of water for whole night. In the morning strain the tincture into another cup,  squeeze used onion into that cup and drink on empty stomach. Do so every morning until treatment of Giardia Lamblia.

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