Aug 132011

Garlic for Giardia treatmentGiardiasis  is one of the most common disease that occurs under the influence on the human Giardia.
That’s not  so a simple task to get rid from this disease. So this recipe combines the two effective remedies for Giardia at once – garlic and horseradish root. Continue reading »

Aug 102011

garlic for giardiaGiardia lamblia, Ascaris (roundworm) and other parasites are afraid of usual garlic (Allium sativa). Scientists have proved that garlic increases immunity levels. Garlic has  anti – fungal properties and helps to treat different  parasites, intestinal worms, to get rid fungal infections, such as thrush. Garlic is used against many types of infections even bacterium Helicobacter Pylori, that caused stomach ulcers.

Garlic for  Giardia treatment you can use in these ways: Continue reading »

Aug 062011

natural remedy for giardia treatmentHuman parasites  such as giardia that causes giardia intestinalis, helminths, worms  do not live just around us but within us. Usual symptoms of infestation with parasites are weakness, quick weight gain, diarrhea  etc. But this problem can be solved quickly and cheaply, thanks to simple home remedy. Continue reading »