Giardia lamblia parasite. Giardiasis.

Giardiasis (lambliasis, lambliosis or commonly known as Beaver fever) is a disease of the human digestive apparatus. Especially  this  infection affects the small intestine and  caused by parasite Giardia lamblia. Giardia is an intestinal protozoan parasite Giardia lamblia (or Giardia intestinalis and Giardia duodenalis). The  source of Giardiasis: Through tap

Giardia disease treatment with Grapefruit

Grapefruit is an unique natural remedy for Giardia Lamblia disease . According to scientists research grapefruit helps to treat many parasitic diseases. Also grapefruit is effective against more than 100 types of viruses, even it suppresses herpes reproduction. Beside that grapefruit is very effective against fungus diseases. But the most

Giardia treatment with beet juice

Chronic giardiasis has next usual symptoms: pain centered in the right side just below the lowest ribs. especially after fatty meal. There is also a dry mouth, bitter taste and nausea.  Usually  appetite is reduced (hyporexia), relevant headaches, dizziness. The tongue is covered by yellowish coating. If  your tests showed

Garlic and horseradish for Giardiasis

Giardiasis  is one of the most common disease that occurs under the influence on the human Giardia. That’s not  so a simple task to get rid from this disease. So this recipe combines the two effective remedies for Giardia at once – garlic and horseradish root.

Garlic for gardia treatment

Giardia lamblia, Ascaris (roundworm) and other parasites are afraid of usual garlic (Allium sativa). Scientists have proved that garlic increases immunity levels. Garlic has  anti – fungal properties and helps to treat different  parasites, intestinal worms, to get rid fungal infections, such as thrush. Garlic is used against many types

Natural remedy for giardiasis

Human parasites  such as giardia that causes giardia intestinalis, helminths, worms  do not live just around us but within us. Usual symptoms of infestation with parasites are weakness, quick weight gain, diarrhea  etc. But this problem can be solved quickly and cheaply, thanks to simple home remedy.

Giardiasis treatment with coconut

Giardiasis treatment with coconut is a  good home remedy for children treatment. Coconut has a auric acid that helps to protect and treat viruses that cause  flu,  cytomegalovirus,  herpes, influenza, HIV. Also it helps in fighting pathogenic bacterias such as giardia lamblia, candida, listeria monocytogenes and heliobacter pylori.  Coconut oil

Onion for giardia treatment

Onion has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, helps to treat viruses. Onion improves appetite, digestion, increases resistance to infectious diseases. Scientist in the USA have found that an often eaten of onions and garlic prevent stomach cancer. In medicine, onions are used to lower blood lipids and blood pressure, and as

Herbal remedies for Giardia

Herbal treatment for intestinal parasites can be very effective. A lot of doctors concluded that herbal remedies are useful in treatment of giardia. The main benefit of herbal treatment is harmlessness  for human organism. There are several home herbal remedies for  Giardiasis treatment:

Giardiasis treatment with horseradish

If you want to get rid of Giardia parasite you can use horseradish.  Horseradish is mildly antibiotic, and can be of use for the treatment a sinus infection ,  respiratory and urinary tract infections. Horseradish strongly stimulates the digestion, increasing gastric secretions. Tincture of horseradish is a very effective remedy